ATG Dynamo KM for PATROL

The PATROL for ATG Dynamo KM provides cohesive access at which to manage and monitor fundamental processes of ATG Dynamo.


    PATROL ATG Dynamo KM provides the following monitoring metrics:

  • Average time to process a request
  • Available new sessions
  • Server availability
  • I/O block in database
  • Number of free DB connections in the pool (if this stays at zero due to a resource leak, the application will not be able to build pages that require the DB)
  • Number of active sessions
  • Amount of free memory within the JVM heap
  • Total memory allocated to the JVM
  • Frequency of garbage collection (if garbage collection is frequent, that means the process is running out of memory, which will slow the process)
  • Number of sessions that have been restored on this server via session fail over (session backup)
  • Amount of free memory within the JVM heap
  • Health of the Session Backup Server


  • Monitoring of all ATG Dynamo MIB parameters
  • Monitor and filter ATG Dynamo log files for user input strings

Supported Environments

  • Windows 2000