Ariba Buyer KM for PATROL

The PATROL for Ariba Buyer product versions 1.1.00 and v1.1.01 monitors availability of the key components in the Ariba Buyer application.


    The following components of Ariba Buyer are monitored:

  • Core Server, Server Log.
  • Tibco Server.
  • Connectivity: Web Server, Email Server, Database, Tibco (ERP), Ariba CSN, Punchouts.
  • Workflow.
  • User Sessions


  • Reduce systems management complexity through a single point of management control for Ariba Buyer components and the enterprise.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for customers by allowing operations staff to monitor application availability and performance.
  • Ensures the business and service availability of key customer contact points, key business transactions (Purchase Order, Order Status, etc.) and provides a "good housekeeping seal of approval" process (through BMC OnSite).
  • Increased application availability & performance optimizes end-user experience. PATROL proactively detects and notifies IT administrators of potential or pending problems and provides automated or manual recovery before users are impacted.
  • Minimizes loss of productivity & credibility with large user community due to outages
  • Integrates Ariba systems management data seamlessly with other key platforms, such as SAP R/3 and PeopleSoft and/or any enterprise management system, such as IBM Tivoli and CA-Unicenter

Supported Environments

  • AIX 4.3.3
  • HP-UX 11.0
  • Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8
  • Windows NT 4.0 (SP 5, 6A)
  • Windows 2000