GIS Services to Industry

Geographic information system (GIS) is an interdisciplinary of Computer Science, Surveying and Mapping, Cartography and application development. It is a system where each and every data point is linked to a location on the earth’s surface. The benefit of GIS is the ability to visualize this data as a picture or map, which helps organizations develop strategic applications that integrate location based capabilities that bring business benefits.

We provide customers with quality GIS Solutions in the areas of spatial technology and applications based on commercial and open source technology.

Our success lies in our deep experience and the understanding of our clients’ requirements, combined with the ability to deliver insights-based solutions that lead to the increase in their own customers loyalty. This is all accomplished in a cost-effective manner.

Value contributions to Industry:

GIS Solutions GIS Services-Data GIS Services-Applications
  • Health Care
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Management
Data Conversions Application Design Development
Data Migrations of Legacy Data Configuration, Implementation and Maintenance support of Application
Database Management in Open Source or Commercial Platforms Quality and Testing
Database Modelling Consultancy Services
Integration with Legacy systems
GIS on cloud

Data Sciences

We undertake all data science work which ranges from data entry to Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Business Intelligence (BI). Our data team has in-depth experience in building data models to meet our clients’ requirements.

Application Development

We build custom applications that deliver strong value due to our in-depth experience in developing and managing GIS applications in Open Source or Commercial technologies that are fully scalable, end-to-end solutions.

Mobile Apps

Mobile GIS is the expansion of GIS from the office to the field where it helps users to capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display geographic information. We design complete end-to-end mobile solutions for different backend systems and ensure proper security and enterprise requirements.


GIS Cloud offers easy and efficient visualization, analysis of GIS services. We provide end-to-end services from consultation, development and execution at a high level of performance. We also offer the exchange the geographical information between users on pay-per-use models.

Contract Services

We support our clients and partners across multiple engagement models to best meets their needs and as such we also provide contract services on short term or long term engagements.