Mobile + Apps

Mobile computing is the key driver of technology today. From smartphones, to tablets, to wearable computers, all companies must engage with their clients, customers and their own employees through mobile platforms.

Arackal has strong experience building mobile software. We build apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Mobile Web. Whether you are a small company with an idea for an app, or a large company looking to re-engineer your existing applications, Arackal will help you deliver your ideas faster, better and smarter.

    Technologies Include:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

Case Study - Emanant

Emanant is a mobile strategies and solutions company that helps businesses better engage their clients and sales members.

Arackal helped Emanant develop and deploy their mobile app - Emii - which is a secure messaging service for organizations, their employees and their clients.

Arackal built the iOS application on time and on budget and in time for an important client launch. Arackal provides ongoing support and upgrades for the product.

Technologies used includes Objective C and Apple mobile technologies.