MyView for PATROL

Provides operations and management personnel with predefined, browser-based PATROL views. Instant access to your PATROL environment and application status reporting.

MyView for PATROL offers you and your users a completely customizable, 100% browser-based, platform-independent view into your PATROL environment. Following the same look and feel as some of the hugely popular browser-based "my" websites, MyView offers a unique way to get the information you want NOW from your PATROL Agents without installing anything anywhere except on a webserver.

MyView for PATROL web-enables your PATROL environment, making it possible for operations and management staff, or your customers, to constantly have access to PATROL Agent and system information from anywhere, anytime using their readily available web browsers.

Features & Benefits

  • MyView is not only a reporter, but also a real-time console, offering enterprise reports, up-to-date parameter and application values, and Agent configuration information.
  • Completely customizable view. You decide what parameters or applications to watch, and how you want to see the results.
  • 100% HTML/ JavaScript-based (plug- ins can use other languages), so it is fast and runs in your browser.
  • Server side process based on proven PatPerl technology , so it is both fast and reliable.
  • Perl-based plugins such as a parameter ticker tape, parameter table view, 24-hour parameter timeline, and virtual applications, provide a variety of views for Agent information.
  • A plug-in API is available for easily extending what you can do from within MyView.


  • Requires a webserver be installed on the myView server

Supported Environments

  • Unix - Solaris 2.7 and 8
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000