OpenWave Email Mx KM for PATROL

The Patrol for Openwave Email MX, KM has all of the features required for system administrators to manage the availability, performance, and recovery of Internet voice mail, faxmail, and other emerging messaging technologies.


  • GUI-based configuration
  • Customizable alarm thresholds
  • Customer specified notification and recovery actions
  • Easily integrates to existing PATROL system, including event management
  • Automatic discovery of each machine's configuration
  • User-configurable history retention
  • Accessible/Configurable from remote consoles


  • Ease of use: Remote Access, Customizable Views, Extensible as environment grows
  • Automated notification of error conditions
  • Customizable responses to error conditions
  • Historic and real-time graphs & reports identify performance issues proactively
  • Record historic performance levels
  • Guarantee application availability
  • Centralized management for distributed system
  • Improved response to customer demand
  • Informed business decisions regarding growth
  • Fulfill Service Level Agreements to end-user

Supported Environments

  • Solaris 2.6, 2.7 (and higher)
  • Windows NT 4.0