Perl Module for PATROL

The Perl Module for PATROL provides Perl script access to any local or remote PATROL Agent through simple-to-use Perl functions.

The Perl Module for PATROL enables tight integration of Perl and PATROL; utilizing your existing in-house Perl expertise, the time to complete PATROL Agent integration projects can be drastically reduced.

Features & Benefits

    Use the Perl Module for PATROL from a central node to:

  • Generate KM version reports across your PATROL Agents
  • Configure Agents
  • Receive, filter, and correlate events


    Or, have the local PATROL Agent run your in- house Perl scripts and:

  • Save script variables into the Agent's namespace
  • Send PATROL events
  • Set KM instances and parameters into ALARM
  • Create a simple PATROL KM and monitor your application using Perl


  • Requires Perl5 to be installed wherever the Perl Module is to run

Supported Environments

  • Unix - BMC Tier 1 only
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000